Master Key

In case of emergency, qualified locksmiths may be able to provide access by re-keying your lock on site. Or, in a worst case scenario, you may need to call emergency services to break into a premise, if someone inside is in danger and you cannot wait for your own locksmith. San Jose Locksmiths provide locksmith services in San Jose and its suburbs.

Safe Combination Change

Safe Combination Change, Expert and Local Locksmith Need Safe Combination Change Locksmith? Call Professional Locksmith in San Jose (408) 614-7772 The debate over whether you should choose an electronic safe or a more standard, combination safe really depends on what you…

File Cabinet Locks

File Cabinet Locks, Expert and Local Locksmith Need File Cabinet Locks Locksmith? Call Professional Locksmith in San Jose (408) 614-7772 Most office file cabinets are already equipped with an integrated locking system. There are many types of locking systems available. Basically…

Locked Out of House in San Jose

Whenever you have an emergency lock out situation the best thing to do is not panic. Most people have been in this situation. So, whenever you lock out of house in San Jose, give a call to a local locksmith company. San Jose Locksmith offers a number of services that include automotive, commercial and residential support.

Lock and Ignition Cylinder Change

Did you accidentally break your key off in the door lock or ignition cylinder? If so, then you need a professional cylinder change immediately. Locksmith San Jose offers a wide range of services including commercial, residential and automotive assistance.